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3 nurses prepare ER

AF man on black laughs

AF Man portrait on Black

AF Man Serious, tight shot

Amanda Mid Shot

Amanda Outdoors Close

Amanda Outdoors on Street

Amanda Smile

Amanda Very Close

AmandaS big laugh then neutral

AmandaS Close great

AmandaS Close on Left

anesthesia cart

Arizona Mountain-zoom out

Arizona- Hiking on V ridge

Arizona- Hiking-people small ants

Beach hotel afternoon. pan left

Beach hotel great night lights

Beach, 2 surfers walk into water

Beach, hotel, sunset joggers dusk

Beach, man walks away

Beach, people, surfer

Beach, surfer follow shot

Big rocks- Kids on top-hiking

Big rocks- ready to climb

Black man taken from hospital to ambulance

Blond senior woman portrait

Boiler room

CPA adding machine tight shot

CPA adding machine wide

CPA with adding machine

Daisy field and bridge

Daisy field, bridge, water

Dr and 8 nurses at nurse station

DR,7 nurses at counter

EMT's man, gurney, hospital

Ferris wheel at sunset

Ferris wheel at sunset 2 people walking

Ferris wheel pier and great sunset

Ferris wheel sunset people leaving

Ferris wheel, wide shot, very dark

Gym brunette shoulder press

Gym caliper arm

Gym calipers waist

Gym foursome meet up after workout

Gym girl butt shot hamstring

Gym girl lunge

Gym girls leave dressing room

Gym group fast workout

Gym, Blonde working out

Gym, group workout, pan right

Gym, man lat pulldowns

Gym- blond bench press

Gym- group working out-panR

Gym- group, pan left, then right

Gym- hand setting weights

Gym- man shoulder press

Gym- man shoulder press arm

Gym- party foursome, lounge leaves

Gym- trainer adjusts machine

Gym- trainer coach's pull up

Gym- two girls and a guy

Gym-close up of biceps

Gym-group drop down shot

Gym-triceps overhead workout

Hospital bed empty

Hospital entrance, crane pans right

Hospital ICU close up at workstation

Hospital ICU hallway activity

Hospital pharmacy bin storage

Hospital pharmacy very busy

IV infusion bag

Jack- on black- mid shot

Jack- on black-headshot

Jack- on black-Left of frame

JO close on blue

Jo in cabana wind in hair

Jo- against green- right side

Jo- eyes only

Jo- hallway-various looks

Jo- smile on blue background

Jo-against green- left side

LA cloudy downtown

LA_fly by building

LA_fly by night cluster

LA_fly over building landing pad

LA_flyby zoom in on building at night

LA_night USB bldng

LA_night wide

LA_night wide traffic

LA_over mountain reveal

LA_tight on building zoom out

LA_wide night traffic

Male nurse suits up in ICU

Malibu Hills- big valley-pan left

Malibu Hills- biker rides slow

Malibu Hills- bikers ride down hill

Malibu Hills- four guys hiking

Malibu Hills- hiking- mid shot

Malibu Hills- six hikers

Malibu Hills- tight-rides uphill

Man walks 2 dogs through daisy field

Marina- boat pulls away

Marina- couple watches boats

Marina- couple watches canoes

Marina- flag pullback

Marina- Flag-boat pull back

Marina- statue-boat passes

Marina- woman walks dog-dusk


Marina-sailboat in channel lighthouse


Marina-statute pullback-sky

Medical record files

MedSurg Nurse preps OR

MedSurg OR nurse preps room, tight

MedSurg Pan shot of staff L to R

MedSurg, OR nurse preps room

MedSurg, tight shot of lights

MRI of brain

MRI technician with woman

MRI, Dr preps woman

MRI, woman in place

Nuclear Mic with technician

Nuclear Microscope screen of heart

Nurse restocks shelf

Nurses activity at counter

Oil Well Pumping

Oil well, single

Oil wells wide shot on a hill

Parked ambulance, 2nd amb drives by

Pier, ferris wheel, dusk

Pretty girl portrait outdoors

Radiologist Reading Brain MRI

Sunset beach, truck leaving

Surfer rides wave and falls

Teen from ambulance to hospital

Teen with EMT's. car drives by

Teen, EMT's gurney, Ambulance

Woman CEO at desk close up

Woman CEO buried at desk, phone