Frequently Asked Questions

What is AzzurraMedia? is a web-based stock footage and HD video production company. It’s a unique place to find, and license stock footage for use in your productions, All our clips are downloadable and available immediately under a royalty-free licensing agreement. We also are happy to create customized stock footage especially for your projects.

Does Azzurramedia offer complete creative services?

Yes we do. If you aren’t a production company, we can take your project from concept to completion providing, casting, directing, editing, voiceovers, music and marketing resources. We also partner with some of the most talented professionals in web design and advertising campaigns so we can integrate all of your creative media solutions.

What is Royalty-Free?

Our industry-standard royalty-free licensing agreement allows buyers to use footage in a wide variety of ways in their own projects, across multiple projects, for a one-time licensing fee. You can read the full text of the agreement here.

How do I find and purchase clips?

Simply click on one of the five categories and browse. Or you can enter a search term in the Search field. If a clip interests you, you can add it to your cart by clicking on the cart icon. To complete your purchase, click the “checkout” link in your cart. After completing the purchase, your clips will be available for download on the My Downloads Page.

Can I buy just one clip instead of a collection and how much is it per clip?

Yes, you can buy one or just a few. All clips are $75 each or if you want, you can make your own collection of 20 clips for $799. It’s up to you. Additionally we have collections available that are listed on the bottom of our home page.

How can I know if I will be able to use the footage I purchase on

All of our footage is native HD 1920 x 1080 30p. We do not sell standard definition video. On the Information Page for each clip, you will find technical details about the footage, including file extension, format, codec and frame rate information. Before you purchase a clip, please check this information carefully and make sure that you will be able to work with the footage being offered. In particular, this high-definition format is only supported on newer versions of most editing applications.

Do you offer video format conversion services?

Yes, we are happy to provide you with conversion services to most formats free of charge. Please contact us for details.

What are Clip Bins?

A Clip Bin is a place to store and organize clips that interest you for easy reference later. You can create multiple Clip Bins for different projects or topics, and add clips to them as you browse the site. To purchase clips that are in your Clip Bins, you will first need to add them to your cart.

How do I sell my footage to Azzurramedia?

We do purchase footage from other videographers, but do not offer percentages. We are paying a flat buy out fee for footage on a non exclusive basis. (You are free to sell your footage anywhere else). Because we are a small boutique company we are looking for unique footage. We prefer collections of 10 to 20 clips and pay from $300 to $700. Clips must have talent/property releases where applicable. All clips must be native 1920 x 1080 30p (we will consider 24p). We do not accept PAL, DV, or standard definition of any kind. For more information please call or email us.

What is the Keyword Assistant?

Keywords can be added to a clip in two ways: by writing them into the keyword field, or by using the Keyword Assistant. The Assistant is simply a series of checkboxes for commonly used keywords. By checking on the appropriate box, you can quickly add these keywords to your clip.

When is a model/property release required?

If the clip is meant to be used for commercial purposes, you will need the model release we provide for each recognizable individual depicted. For editorial footage (that is, footage which is newsworthy or has documentary value), model releases are not usually required. Likewise, there aren’t any trademarks, logos or brands depicted in the footage. The required releases are provided as part of the download when you purchase a clip.

My question wasn’t answered here, where can I go?

You can always reach us using the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of every page, or by clicking here.