Places / Landscapes

Arizona Mountain-zoom out

Daisy field and bridge

Daisy field, bridge, water

Ferris wheel at sunset

Ferris wheel at sunset 2 people walking

Ferris wheel pier and great sunset

Ferris wheel sunset people leaving

Ferris wheel, wide shot, very dark

LA cloudy downtown

LA_fly by building

LA_fly by night cluster

LA_fly over building landing pad

LA_flyby zoom in on building at night

LA_night USB bldng

LA_night wide

LA_night wide traffic

LA_over mountain reveal

LA_tight on building zoom out

LA_wide night traffic

Marina- flag pullback

Marina- Flag-boat pull back

Marina- statue-boat passes

Marina-sailboat in channel lighthouse


Marina-statute pullback-sky

Pier, ferris wheel, dusk

Sunset beach, truck leaving