Healthcare / Medicine

3 nurses prepare ER

anesthesia cart

Black man taken from hospital to ambulance

Boiler room

Dr and 8 nurses at nurse station

DR,7 nurses at counter

EMT's man, gurney, hospital

Hospital bed empty

Hospital entrance, crane pans right

Hospital ICU close up at workstation

Hospital ICU hallway activity

Hospital pharmacy bin storage

Hospital pharmacy very busy

IV infusion bag

Male nurse suits up in ICU

Medical record files

MedSurg Nurse preps OR

MedSurg OR nurse preps room, tight

MedSurg Pan shot of staff L to R

MedSurg, OR nurse preps room

MedSurg, tight shot of lights

MRI of brain

MRI technician with woman

MRI, Dr preps woman

MRI, woman in place

Nuclear Mic with technician

Nuclear Microscope screen of heart

Nurse restocks shelf

Nurses activity at counter

Parked ambulance, 2nd amb drives by

Radiologist Reading Brain MRI

Teen from ambulance to hospital

Teen with EMT's. car drives by

Teen, EMT's gurney, Ambulance